About Us

“Danamed Trading & Investment Co. is a leading retailer and supplier of health, beauty, and clinical skincare products with excellent service and solutions.”

Our Story

We are specialized in derma cosmetics and food supplements products. The company was founded in 2007, in Ramallah-Palestine, with a mission to serve the health, beauty and wellness and to satisfy customers’ various needs with wider product lines.
Our Core Business:
The supply of medical products including food supplements, derma cosmetics, medical device and special food.
Our Philosophy on Health
In our view, good health is taking control of your own wellness, exercising your own personal power, and conscientiously engaging in natural anti-aging methodologies to keep you healthy for the rest of your life.
We believe that good health starts with prevention: In today’s very busy world, it is getting harder to insure that we get all the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. This is where taking multivitamin and food supplements come into play. Taking adequate required amounts of multivitamins and food supplements will guarantee you ingest the nutrients needed to maintain all vital organs. A deficiency in one or more of these vitamins can cause illness, mal nutrition especially in elderly and children, and if not treated, it can be fatal.
We also believe in the concept of preventative cosmetics, namely “act on skin today to prevent damage tomorrow”.  Our skin needs constant suitable care and protection to keep it not only beautiful but healthy, glowing, elastic and full of energy too.
Our Vision:
In the future, with the further advance of aging society on the one hand, the increase in people’s desire to be always healthy and beautiful on the other, we believe, under the business philosophy of “providing abundance and choice for our customers’ lifestyles,” our employees are united and forgoing ahead towards our goal of becoming the leader of food supplement suppliers and skin care products providers in the market.
Available Products and Agencies we currently work with:
Danamed Trading & Investment Co. is the exclusive agent of the Italian “Vebi Istituto Biochimico” Compnay, which was established in 1944 as a pharmaceutical research, formulation and production industry. It produced medicinal specialties for human use until the 1970s and for veterinary use until the 2000s and today continues to produce a vast range of medical surgical devices.
In 2009, research began into vitamins for topical use. This was completed in 2010 with in-depth research into medicinal plants for cosmetic use. Today, it offers consumers the Vitamin Energy, anti age, color and sun care product lines – an extremely high quality product, of unparalleled excellence with other options available on the market.
One Nature:
a private label of vitamins and food supplements owned by Danamed Trading & Investment Co. and manufactured by Achron Vitamin Corporation  which is an established manufacturer of vitamins, herbs, and other nutritionals in New Jersey-USA. It was established in 1995 through the merger of two companies both of which were started in the early 1970’s. one manufactured supplements in powder form and later expanded into tabulating and encapsulation, bringing significant experience to the joint venture. The other was specialist in private label operations with expertise in packaging. Archon emerged as a fully integrated manufacturer and marketer of nutritional supplements.

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