Antiage program

The dermo-cosmetic strategy to slow the passing of time

Skin ageing

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The most visible sign of ageing is the onset of facial wrinkles. A wrinkle can be defined as a permanent linear ridge in the skin of variable depth.

We can distinguish between two different types of ageing:

  1. Intrinsic or chronological ageing, due to genetic factors and metabolic processes in addition, and closely related, to the hormonal changes that take place over time. Following this type of ageing, the skin looks thin, atrophic, pale and lacking in tone, as the skin support structures (bone, adipose and muscle tissue) are also involved.
  2. Extrinsic or environmental ageing, mainly due to exposure to the sun’s radiation associated with the excessive production of free radicals; other environmental factors such as pollution, smoking and chemical substances also come into play. Following this type of ageing, the skin looks thickened, rough, marked extensively by thin wrinkles and with dyschromia.

Facial wrinkles can be classified as actinic, expression and depth. 
Actinic wrinkles are caused by the cumulative damages exerted by the sun’s radiation on the elastic fibres and on collagen. These are seen particularly clearly in phototypes 1 and 2 who have repeatedly exposed themselves for prolonged periods to natural and artificial UV radiation. 
Expression lines are the ridges that form in the facial skin due to the repetitive traction exerted by the mimic muscles, changing the structure of the dermis. At the age of 30 they are already visible and they gradually deepen before finally becoming permanent.
Depth wrinkles appear when the altered dermal elastic fibres and collagen bands are no longer able to offset the force of gravity.

The line

VEBIX ANTIAGEPROGRAM is a complete anti-age treatment that, thanks to the active ingredients used, preventatively protects the skin, significantly reducing the onset of the signs of skin ageing. The products of the VEBIX ANTIAGEPROGRAM range have been carefully studied and designed to guarantee that the correct physiological balance is restored to and maintained by the skin.

VEBIX ANTIAGEPROGRAM is a complete range of dermo-cosmetic products. It can be divided up into three different specific treatments that act directly on the effects of skin ageing due to both exposure to the sun’s rays (photoageing) and the natural passing of time (chronoageing). Each product contains optimal concentrations of specific and differentiated active ingredients, able to repair, regenerate and firm facial skin.


Antiage program

  • Icon 01 ALL IN ONE
  • Icon 02 DAY CREAM
  • Icon 03 NIGHT CREAM
  • Icon 04 HAND CREAM
  • Icon 05 Anti-Wrinkle
  • Icon 06 Eyes and Lips
  • Icon 07 Anti-wrinkle filler
  • Icon 08 Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Vitamin Energy

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Sun care

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